Eleme Smoothshapes

Glow Aesthetic Medicine is also proud to be the first and only aesthetic medicine clinic in Colorado to offer the revolutionary SmoothShapes cellulite reduction system. By incorporating the revolutionary smoothshapes system with SmartLipo/VASER patients now can achieve even better body sculpting results.


Photomology Technology


SmoothShapes system with proprietary Photomology technology is FDA cleared for the temporary reduction in appearance of cellulite. The treatment is safe and has no downtime. Specific areas can be treated in as few as 20 minutes.


Photomology works because it is the ONLY technology that addresses both the underlying causes of cellulite and the physical manifestations.


What to Expect During Treatment Program


A SmoothShapes regimen requires eight treatment sessions. Treatments feel like a deep tissue massage; patients find it relaxing. There is no pain medication required when receiving treatment and there is no downtime.


Consult with your SmoothShapes provider to decide which areas to treat and how many treatments are recommended to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Treatment times vary depending on how many areas you select.


What Does Cellulite Look Like?


The physical manifestation of cellulite falls into three categories.


Dimpling, Projections and Bumps, and Linear Depressions.


These conditions are usually visible to the human eye. SmoothShapes can improve all three categories and create longer lasting results that you can see and feel.


Your SmoothShapes provider will discuss which conditions bother you most and the treatment program for best results.


Smooth Results


• SmoothShapes treatments are safe, comfortable and relaxing.

• SmoothShapes treatments require no pain medication or downtime.

• SmoothShapes will give you longer lasting results you can see and feel.

• Get your own results by starting your SmoothShapes treatments today!



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