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Laser Hair Removal

How Do I Know If I Am A Good Candidate For Laser Hair Removal?

The laser is most effective on dark hair with light skin. However, many types of ethnic skin can be treated. We recently upgraded our equipment to allow more flexibility in treating all varieties of skin and hair color. The most difficult hair to treat is blond or silver hair. The best thing to do is to come in for a consultation, and let us take a look at your hair. We can even do a free test spot to see how your skin and hair reacts to different laser settings.

Does It Hurt?

Everyone reacts differently, however, most people do very well. The actual laser “shot” feels like the snap of a rubber band. The light sheer has a cooling tip, which allows us to cool your skin during treatment. This advancement has improved the pain factor considerably over previous lasers, which used gel or other barriers to protect the skin. The laser is much more comfortable than electrolysis. We do have a numbing cream that can be purchased prior to treatment if desired.

How Much Will It Cost?

Prices are based upon zones. An example of a zone is the area around the mouth. The back is 3-5 zones. The best way to know how much it will cost for YOU is to come in for a consultation.