Botox / Dysport® Cosmetic

Botox / Dysport® Cosmetic

Quick and Easy Treatment

Botox/Dysport® Cosmetic is a purified type-A neurotoxin the temporarily prevents the acetycholine from sympathetuc nerve terminals,blocking the nerve signal that causes the muscle to contract. Used in very small, controlled amounts, the toxin relaxes targeted facial muscles. As facial muscles are unable to tighten, the overlying skin of the muscle will also relax, and overtime your wrinkles will soften. The untreated facial muscles continue to contract normally, allowing you to freely show facial expressions. As your wrinkles relax, so will you, as you enjoy a temporary smoothing out of undesirable lines between the brows, across the forehead, and crow’s feet to restore a more youthful, less stressed

The treatment process for Botox/Dysport® Cosmetic is quick and easy, while discomfort is usually minimal and brief. Effective treatment requires several small injections into various targeted facial muscles. Your healthcare professional will determine the exact placement of each injection site to get the best results that are right for you. Although office visit times may vary, the entire procedure generally takes about 15-20 minutes. After your treatment there is little or no downtime. We will ask that you refrain from exercising for four hours following your visit. This allows ample time for the toxin to stabilize, thus helping to ensure a positive result. Aside from that you can go about your day as usual.

Typically you will start to see improvement in 2-7 days, but maximum treatment effect will not be visible for a 2 full weeks following your treatment. If any adjustments need to be made, a follow up appointment will be scheduled 2 weeks after your initial office visit.

Generally, the muscle action that caused your lines and wrinkles will return in approximately 3-4 months following treatment, but individual results may vary. Repeat treatments will be necessary to maintain your results. If you discontinue treatments, your frown lines and wrinkles will gradually return to look like they did before treatment.

With millions of treatments performed, Botox/Dysport® Cosmetic has been proven safe and effective year after year. Now it’s your time to discover why so many men and women have experienced great results with BOTOX® Cosmetic.

*Botox/Dysport® Cosmetic is a registrered trademark of Allergan

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Why Botox/Dysport®?


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