Refined Aesthetic Technology

Electrocautery has been used extensively in medicine for decades. In the last several years, the technology has been refined for use in cosmetic procedures. The Vascutouch is specifically designed for the treatment of unsightly veins—especially spider veins on the face or legs. It is also very effective against sunspots, moles, and some birthmarks.

Who Does the Procedure?

This treatment is done by certified aesteticians. The assistants are certified to use the Vascutouch in this type of treatment.

How Long Does It Take?

The time required for each treatment is dependant on the amount of area to be treated. Your initial consultation should take about 1/2 hour, and most areas can be treated in 15-30 minutes. Moles and sunspots take only a few minutes. Most problems can be resolved in 1-3 sessions. Once the vessels (or spots) disappear, it is felt that the treatment is permanent. However, this treatment for veins has only been widely used for 5 years, so all the data is not yet available.

Are There Any Risks?

The vessels being treated are not a part of your active circulation. The probe touches the skin and seals off the vein. You may experience some blistering and/or scabbing, but this will resolve in 1-2 weeks. The main thing is to avoid the sun, because while your skin is healing, you can develop increased pigmentation in that area. You can wear sunscreen as long as you are not actively tanning.

Does it Hurt?

Treatmen is tolerable. Ice is used to cool the skin and act as an anesthetic. Most people do very well with no additional pain medication. However, we do carry a topical anesthetic that can be used if desired.

How Much Will It Cost?

Again, this depends on how large an area is being treated. Most treatments are completed in 15-30 minutes. Treatment with the Vascutouch is $125 per 15 minutes for moles and skin tags.

How Soon Can I Schedule An Appointment?

Usually you can see us for your consultation within a week. If you desire treatment on the day of your initial visit, please notify the person scheduling your appointment.

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